Times may be different on the first and last day due to traveling.


60 minutes: $260 
30 minutes: $160 
15 minutes: $110

Longer Sessions are now reserved for REPEAT clients only.
90 minutes: $400 
2 hours: $500 

**Place the cash (NO ENVELOPES) on a table in the room so I can see it**


 Dallas: Sunday and Mondays

If your city isn't listed above, I'm not sure when I'll be back. Contact me to be put on my mailing list! 

I have been having issues with clients expecting for me to provide references while I am OFF. If I am off, I may or may not check my phone and email. I need a break from work just like everyone else!

Contacting Me:
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Feel free to text me to see if I'm available at the time you need before filling out the form. 

Just text or email me to schedule!
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** Outcalls are only offered to previous clients. +$50

** If you smoke, please don't right before the session.
   Or make sure you chew like, 50 pieces of gum  :)

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-Full Service
-Everything is covered.
-No kissing on MOUTH... you can kiss on my body! I enjoy this :) And I will return the love!
-No fluid exchange .... no DATY

I'm a non-gfe provider for safety reasons but I do MY BEST to still provider a sensual, fun session. All of my reviews say they have had a great time even for the lack of certain activities!
-MSOG (2 times for hour sessions)
- Outfit requests are always welcome! Just let me know before you get here!
This link has a few fun options to pick from! (
Outfits). I only offer outfits for 30min+ Appts.
- For more specific list of activities, you can find them in my
- I now offer pictures and video during sessions!! Visit for more info.
-GFE = services provided by a provider which are NOT covered and do NOT protect you from STDS.
I am NONGFE because I am a SAFETY first provider.

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    Dallas, Texas, USA

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Physical Attributes

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  • Height:

    5 ft. 7 in.

  • Weight:

    125 lbs.

  • Bust Size:

    36 C

  • Body Art:

    Piercings and Tattoos


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Online Profiles



Added on January 3, 2016

My. God. Easily the SEXIEST woman I have EVER been in the presence of. I walked into the room to be greeted by Ember in a bra/panty/garter combination…WOW! I forgot my name for a few minutes. I am new to the hobby, Ember is only the 2nd girl I have spent time with. She hugged me warmly and I immediately felt at ease, but still incredibly nervous. We talked for a little bit and she started rubbing up against me and let me feel her body, phenomenal. When she took her bra off, I was in heaven. I seriously think I resorted back to my 15 year old self, the first time I saw a pair of breasts. Very nice, soft breasts. Surgically enhanced and fantastic in every way. She laid me down on the bed and finished getting undressed, such an amazing sight. As much as I wanted to just get in and out *wink wink* I had to explore her body. And I did, every inch of it. She smells fantastic, very smooth soft skin. She started playing with herself, and I decided to help her out to completion. It was amazing. I mistakenly only booked a half hour with her, at this point I was so transfixed with how awesome her body was my time was running out. We spent the last 5 minutes chatting she offered to do things for me but at this point I wanted to make sure I would have as much time as I needed to and didn’t want to rush it. I will definitely be seeing her anytime she comes through town! Such a great girl.

Added on May 27, 2015

So I never ever write reviews for anyone but this beauty is truly something else. I've been lucky enough to see her on more than one occasion and each time she does not disappoint. The most recent time we visited she even accommodated me with a wardrobe request. When she opened the door to her very nice incall location, and I saw her in her tight and too small Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit, I knew it was on. We shared some champagne as we chatted for a bit and then we got to the fun stuff. She worked her way out of her sexxy outfit and convinced me that I was overdressed. We both took care of that problem as we got more comfortable and next thing I know she starts with the most amazing cbj, not too fast or furious but just right. I knew I couldn't last too long so she hopped on for a ride as she got on top for some cowgirl. After a few minutes we switched into missionary where she let me control the pace. I started out fast but alternated to slower and deeper thrusts in between to try and last a bit longer. Not long after I couldn't hold on and finished round 1 on top. We cleaned up and chatted and enjoyed some more champagne. She really is a great conversationalist and tells the best stories. Before our time was up she asked if I wanted to go again and I of course could not refuse. We started again with cbj and not too long after my soldier was at full salute. This time I got the most amazing view of her perfectly formed derriere. I lasted a couple minutes in doggy as she then thrusted back on me also. I gave it all I got and ended round 2 and knew I would sleep like a baby that night. We then got dressed and said our goodbyes until the next time. This stunning lady takes really good care of herself and it shows. She enjoys what she does and is very talented in showing you a great time. You can't go wrong with this head turner as she's the real deal.

Added on May 27, 2015

I came across Ember a few months back and her images nearly melted my monitor. I was hoping to find someone local to spend some time with on a regular basis and Ember was the perfect choice.. Screening was incredibly simple and easy, and although I was excited to meet her, I was also a bit nervous too. After a few emails and texts, we set up a "date". Her "incall" location was an easy drive from my house, and ALL of my nervousness melted when she opened the door and smiled. We chatted for a bit and she invited me to join her on the bed. Our chatting gave way to sensual massage and then down to some "adult fun". I so enjoyed myself, that I had to see her again about a week later before she left town. When Ember returned from her trip, she and I got together again. Ember is an awesome woman with a killer body and has always made me feel welcome and at home with her. Do yourself a favor and check her out. She is truly "Your Little Erotic Treat"

Added on May 27, 2015

Saw Ember’s ad and after some careful inner deliberation, I knew that I wanted to see her. Sent P411 request, got back an email from her. A few more emails back and forth and I was booked at my preferred time. Communication was easy and professional. I got to a nice hotel. Got room number in the parking lot. Made may way up. Hot damn, this girl is hot. 10 times better in person. Top 5 hobby hard body, no question. Ember frequents the gym and it shows. Toned abs, ass, legs. Man made tits, but soft and nicely done. Very attractive face. She was wearing a tank top looking mini skirt with some nice lingerie underneath. Her personality is laid back and chill, but friendly. We talked for a bit, and the clothes go off. We start with a bit of grinding with panties on. Does the job of getting me nice and hard. She ask if she can blow me. It is covered BJ, but it doesn't matter. She has great cock sucking technique. It was very pleasurable and she knows what she is doing there. I slipped a finger in while she sucked dick. Kitty is tight and small. She goes for cowgirl and then reverse cow girl. RCG is a hell of a view. Watching your cock slip in and out of that tight pussy looks and feels great. Then I have her k9 and fuck her without mercy, and she moans and squeals and looks back at me while I’m fucking her. I’m getting close so I flipped her for mish for the finale. Busted hard in cover. Cleaned up, talked some more, groped that ass again and out the door I go. I would recommend as her rates are great given her looks/performance. She is a great fuck and has the body of someone from Sports Illustrated. Stop reading and book now. You will thank me later.

Added on June 19, 2014

I have seen Ember 4 times, and it keeps getting better! The last time was in Charlotte, and I decided to opt in for the pictures. Started off with an awesome blow job, just looking into those beautiful eyes while she made sure she licked every inch almost finished me off. Only thing that kept me going was the good distraction of taking snap shots! She then turned around, sat on my cock, and rode me reverse cowgirl. Her ass just bouncing up and down on me was an incredible view. She then turned around and rode me, with her huge rack bouncing up and down. We switched to missionary, and I loved looking into those eyes, then peeking down to her rack, and finally watching me enter her. I don't know how I made it, but then I entered her from behind. Her looking back while I am taking her from behind was my favorite picture. She actually grabbed the phone and took a few pictures while I sprayed her back. I was spent the rest of the day, but what a treat to have the pictures to remember a fantastic time. If she is in your city, you are an idiot if you don't see her!

Added on May 31, 2014

austin, tx. first time to see, long time no play as a hobbiest. gave her the information she requested and set a time and date. She wore the white embroided gown, and oh my does she look good in it. Lovely breasts, nice smile, warm heart. very, very accomodating. Lap dances while I played with her tits. She felt good on me. She felt good in my hands. I wiill have to reward myself with her if she ever gets back this way. I loved watching her go down on me and this is how we finished. This was my request. I loved watching her down there. lovely, lovely view and I told her so. Good conversation, wish I had done two hours. Appt was a month back and I cannot stop thinking about her.

Added on February 19, 2014

I met with ember today and she was amazing. She is so pretty, so nice and sooooo good at her job. Her oral skills are out of this world. The best thing is she does not just rely on her looks. She is fully committed to your pleasure from start to finish. If she is your town and you don't book her you should be ashamed.

Added on December 19, 2013

I met Ember for the first time earlier this week in Charleston, SC . After our visit, I asked when she would return-not 'til next May-too long for me to wait; so we scheduled a second meeting later in the week. I am not much for writing reviews full of exact detail; but may I assure y'all that she is one of the best ladies I have seen in the many years of my experience. If I were to rate her abilities, I would need a scale with a triple digits. I highly recommend taking advantage of the pictures and video services she offers. Excellent memories of your meeting saved forever! Cannot wait 'til next May rolls around.

Added on November 13, 2013

The most beautiful girl i ever seen.

Added on June 14, 2013

A quick introduction between the two place the donation at the table. A quick visual inspection with some groping. She removed that tight i piece mini revealing enticing bra and panty set. I had to squeeze that nice ass then worked removing that bra to release a nice set breast. Enhanced but it felt saw right in my hands and mouth. Removed my clothes jumped on the bed with her and more groping ensued. The no kissing and daty were the rules but she made up for it in in many ways. Those eyes were hypnottic and the pussy was so smooth to the touch.. The condom blowjob was executed flawlessly and good she didn't continue would have lost it. She mounted on top and that view was heavenly plus grabbing those tits again felt so nice. Switched doggy and the site was even better grabbed her hips and slammed as hard as I could. The moans were nice don't know if it was real or not but sounded real to me. She said her favorite position was missionary tried that. Looking at those eyes and spreading those legs apart was to much. Went back to doggy and then cowgirl again. I was sweating this was a full cardio session for me. Stopped and opted for hand release. She did that while straddling my face as I looked at that sweet tight pussy and rubbing it with my hands. A truly hot blonde to experience once in your life. Had to return to work dressed up a quick hug then on I went out the door. Can't wait to see her again. Next time I'll do a longer session so I can get some cuddling time on that rocking hard body of hers.

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