Welcome To My Site!

Hey guys!!! I'm Ember Simmers!! A sweet, Texas girl who travels the country being the best Provider I can be!! 

I am taking classes Thursday, Friday, Saturday in Dallas where I live until August 2017. This will obviously change up my normal 2-3 week tours that I do. But don't worry, I plan on continuing to traveling on the days I'm off! Due to the long, 12 hour days of class, I won't be working in Dallas those days. I will be flying and driving to one city a week on my off days, but due to potential homework and studying, I will be posting my tour schedule only as far in advance as I feel comfortable.

My schooling does not mean I'm RETIRING! I have an opportunity to take these classes while being young, with enough energy to continue to travel for work and enough money to pay for classes!

I do love this job so much that I can't imagine stopping even once I'm finished with school. So I can definitely see myself continuing!

I look forward to meeting new clients still and seeing my loyal regulars! :)