Welcome To My Site!

Hey guys!!! I'm Ember Simmers!! A sweet, Texas girl! 

If you have kept up with me, you know that I have been back in school since summer of 2016. I'm finally finishing in August 2017! After my 5 city tour in August, I will be starting an internship for 6 months to a year. 
During my internship, I'll be staying in Dallas/Fort Worth because I will only have two days off a week. 
I'm sad that I won't be able to visit other cities, but feel free to check in on me by text or email! Or follow my social media accounts! (They are linked on my website here).
The plan is to have a more flexible schedule in the coming year! 
I'm looking forward to my internship to keep learning. It IS paid, however not a lot, so I'll still be feeling like a broke college student! Haha! 
I look forward to still hearing from everyone! And I have started a premium xxxSnapchat account since I know everyone will MISS ME SOOOOO MUCH! :)