Vid/Pic option!

***Now Offering***
Pictures and Video DURING sessions!

How it works:
You and I will use my camera to take pictures and video. We can film/take pictures
of anything and everything! You can take as many pictures as you want
and film as much as you want however, I will only be sending you up to 50 pictures and about 10 minutes worth of video. I promise, it's pretty hard to get
that many pictures and video. I'll choose the best of it all to send! After the
session, I will be putting a light watermark on the photos and/or
video. I will send them to you within a few days via my private Dropbox account. You have 2 weeks to save them and  then they will be deleted. Please make sure you let me know if you want to do this BEFORE a the session.

*Extra Cost*
Pictures: $50
Video: $80
Both: $100